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Lets paint, sip, and be fabulous!


Price List


Per Guest

This is the best option if you do not have a set amount of guest coming to your paint party and want to leave the invitation open. Each person you invite will be sent a custom invitation link for them to register and pay. Registration will stay open up to 24 hours prior to your event.


Posh Party

If you are planning an event and have at least 10 guest this is the best option. For parties with ten or more guest party must be paid in full at the time of registration. Party must be booked at least seven days in advance. Each additional guest above ten $35


Pre-Printed Canvas

Don't Stress about making a prefect painting

All canvas art comes preprinted. Work with our artist to customize your art to the theme of of your party, or pick one of our favorites from below.


Easels & Pre-Printed Canvas


Artist with Paintbrushes
Paint Brushes


Aprons, Floor and Table Coverings

Watercolor Paints

Past Events

Paulas Team Building Party


March 2020

Ciaras Posh Birthday 


May 2020

Frannie & Mechelles Soiree


September 2020

Sophias Birthday Get Down


June 26th 2021