Q & A

  • a venue with ample space to host your party.

  • tables and chairs.

  • a signed liability waiver.

  • snacks, drinks, cake, etc.

  • and to make sure your guest are on time

  • We will supply all easels, brushes, all other necessary painting or project supplies. 

  • We will set up, and we will clean up.

  • One of our talented local artists will supply step by step instruction on either a featured painting or a project from our menu.

  • If you like, we can create a private party registration link so your guests can register and pay online.

  • Minimum of 10 painters.

  • We have a bluetooth speaker or you can supply your own music.

  • We will need at least 30 mins. before and after your party start time to set up and pack up.

  • Each attendee will leave the party with the masterpiece they created themselves!

  • We will be snapping photos throughout your party which we will later upload to Facebook and Instagram. You will be emailed a special link to view the photos (visible even if you do not have a Facebook account) within a day or so after your party. If for any reason you DO NOT want photos taken at your party, please let the hostess know when you arrive.

  • Our Off-Site Mobile parties typically run about 3 hours long.

  • A 10 mile travel radius is included, further distances are billed at a flat fee of $5/mile.

  • There are NO age restrictions on private parties, even if alcohol will be present. Parents/guardian of underage children must monitor their behavior. Only adults 21 or older may consume alcohol.

  • We request that NO alcohol be present at a young child’s party. If the guest of honor is a child, we ask that adults do NOT bring or consume alcohol. We believe the focus of the party should remain on the guest of honor.

  • At least one parent/guardian MUST stay with children during a Kid’s Party. Only those “creating” will be charged.

  • We are often asked about tipping the instructor. Please know that ALL tips stay with the instructor / assistant. While not mandatory, tips are gratefully appreciated and typically average between 10-20% of your party total.

PLEASE NOTE: — We use smaller canvases for our mobile parties unless larger canvases are specifically requested! — We do NOT supply tables or chairs, you are responsible for providing all seating arrangements.

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